fondo de calefacción por suelo radiante de agua
manifold isolation valves

Manifold S3 Isolation Valves

The WHS-M-S3-VALVES kit allow for the manifold on your underfloor heating system to easily be isolated from the primary circuit.

Key Benefits



Connects the manifold to either 1” G Male or 22mm copper and plastic primary supplies


Easy mounting

1” G Union allows for the valves to be correctly orientated every time


Colour Coded

The red and blue valve handles allow for easy indication of the flow and return

manifold isolation valves

Colour-Coded for Ease of Use

The kit has been specified to fit the WHS-M-S3-XX manifold range when equipped either with or with out the WHS-MS3-MIX mixing unit. With the WHS-M-S3-VALVES isolated, the manifold can be filled, drained, pressure tested etc, without affting the primary circuit.

Each of the valves is supplied in three pieces for ease of use and versatility. The 1” union screws into the manifold or mixing unit, allowing the red or blue valve handles to be correctly orientated and the optional 22mm adaptor allows the valves to connect to either 1” G Male or 22mm primary supplies.

suelo radiante

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Herramientas de cotización Warmup:

Warmup ofrece una amplia gama de sistemas de suelos de agua y eléctricos compatibles con todo tipo de acabados finales, habitaciones y proyectos.

Suelo radiante eléctrico

  • ✓ Sistemas aptos para todos los tipos de acabados finales
  • ✓ Ideal para renovaciones de estancias individuales
  • ✓ No altera los niveles del suelo
  • ✓ Ideal para hogares de diferentes clasificación energética (A – G)

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Suelo radiante por agua

  • ✓ Ideal para zonas a partir de 30 m²
  • ✓ Ideal para nuevas construcciones o renovaciones
  • ✓ Compatible con los sistemas de calefacción central existentes
  • ✓ Sistemas disponibles a partir de 18 mm de grosor

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