fondo de calefacción por suelo radiante de agua
El colector Warmup S3 de Warmup

Stainless Steel Manifold

With a ¾” port and air vent on each manifold arm, flushing, filling and removing air from systems during commissioning is simple.

Key Benefits


Reliable performance

Rigorous tests conducted at the manufacturing stage ensure that the system is reliable and performs as required


Constructed in single piece

The laser etched, brushed Type 304 austenitic stainless steel manifolds will perform well and look good doing so for years to come


A choice of circuits

Available in 2-12 ports to match your requirements

El colector Warmup S3 de Warmup

Centralised Control Hub for Water UFH Systems

Each flow arm is fitted with a thermo-manometer, making pressure testing quick and reliable, with 0-5 l/min Taconova flow gauges providing precise, confident and efficient system balancing.. The ¾” Eurocone connections on the manifold allow for the use of Warmups 16x2mm and 12x2mm pipe connectors as well as standard 3rd party connectors, making it easy for you to upgrade an old 3rd party system with the advanced Warmup S3 manifold and SMART™ controls.

The manifold brackets come with acoustic inserts to keep operational noise to a minimum and the Taconova flow meters incorporates the precise and proven performance of the flow meter technology only available from Taconova.



10 Years Limited Warranty

The Warmup S3 Manifold is engineered for easy installation, commissioning and years of trouble-free service. Each manifold arm is forged from a single piece of seamless stainless steel and equipped with high quality components for a market leading specification that is backed up by the Warmup 10 year warranty.

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Tubos de calefacción por suelo radiante de Warmup


Select from a choice of 3 pipe types; PEX-A, PE-RT and PE-RT/AL/PE-RT – tailored to your specific installation and budget.

centro de control de suelo radiante hidrónico

Control Center

All hydronic systems require a control centre that works with the thermostats and heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump.

Termostato programable monitor de energía 3iE


Choosing the correct control system is crucial in ensuring that your heating system works in the most efficient way.

suelo radiante

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Herramientas de cotización Warmup:

Warmup ofrece una amplia gama de sistemas de suelos de agua y eléctricos compatibles con todo tipo de acabados finales, habitaciones y proyectos.

Suelo radiante eléctrico

  • ✓ Sistemas aptos para todos los tipos de acabados finales
  • ✓ Ideal para renovaciones de estancias individuales
  • ✓ No altera los niveles del suelo
  • ✓ Ideal para hogares de diferentes clasificación energética (A – G)

Presupuestar Sistemas Eléctricos
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Suelo radiante por agua

  • ✓ Ideal para zonas a partir de 30 m²
  • ✓ Ideal para nuevas construcciones o renovaciones
  • ✓ Compatible con los sistemas de calefacción central existentes
  • ✓ Sistemas disponibles a partir de 18 mm de grosor

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For areas of 24m2 or more, use our full quoting system
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